Lead in your water and how it gets there

Lead in your water and how it gets there

We would like to believe that the authorities ensure that we don’t get our water from any lead pipes but how much do we really know? Aside from grabbing a drill and going down for a look, you never really know if any lead does get into the water en route to your house.

It could be the case that most of the water in your area is carried in non lead pipes, which is good news. What you don’t know however is whether the pipes have been partially changed from lead to another type of pipe. Often when the authorities do this, it shakes lead from the pipes they are replacing into the water supply, spiking the levels of lead in the water. If there is a lot of that going on around the place, then lead will be a bigger problem than you think.

Lacking the facility of a private well, most city dwellers have no choice but to hope for the best when it comes to the level of lead in their water. The best course of action then is to purify what comes out of the tap and try to remove anything that has made its way into your supply.

Water filteration systems are a handy way of removing lead from water, without changing the structures you have no control over. You might not be able to change what the municipality has put together to get water to you, but you can change how you take it in your home. A filtration system will cost you a thousand at least, but when you add up the benefits to your health it will be worth it. Get a filter that is certified to remove lead too and ensure you are taking this out of your water.

Some other ways to reduce the amount of lead you take in are to run the water a bit before drinking from the tap and to use cold water for cooking as well as drinking. Although you might not be able to stop lead making its way into your home, you can control what happens when it gets there. A good filtration system and carbon filter will take out so much bad stuff from your water, it will be surprisingly clean and taste better than ever. So forget the bottles of water, get your own supply, enjoy it for the years to come and say goodbye to lead contamination.

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