3 environmentally friendly cleaning tips!

3 environmentally friendly cleaning tips!

Its easy to contribute to a clean environment. In fact, with these 6 green friendly cleaning tips you’ll be making a difference without use of any harmful chemicals.


3 cleaning tips - olive oil - greenlivingOlive Oil
Just like vinegar, olive oil is good for pretty much anything. You can use olive oil to remove glue from wood or to give plastics and leathers a good old shine where they’ve become faded or worn. But did you know that you can use olive oil to clean and prevent water marks on stainless steel counters. Just add a small amount of olive oil to the counter, rub in it and that should be the end of those annoying stains for a while.



Lemon juice 3 cleaning tips - lemon juice - green living
Lemon is an natural antibacterial. With just a small amount of lemon juice and boiling water, you can clean your kitchen, household items and the kids toys with relative ease. Lemon juice is great for getting tea towels and even bed sheets back to their natural white again. All you have to do is simply add a few drops to your white wash. Lemon juice is great for removing soap stains in the bathroom too. Just put a little lemon juice on a sponge, rub it on the stains and leave for a few hours. Rinse off and all done!

3 cleaning tips - baking soda - greenlivingBaking Soda
Yay! The fabulous baking soda. Removing chemicals and pesticides on fruit and vegetables isn’t an easy task normally but with Baking soda everything becomes much easier. All you have to do is add your fruit and vegetables in a bowl and add cold water and baking soda. Grab a vegetable brush and brush the peel of the fruit or skin of the veggies softly. Nice and clean!






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