Getting into green habits

Getting into green habits

Getting into green habits isn’t easy to do when you lead a busy life and need the fastest solutions. If you can try to make even a few green habits a part of your family life however, you can ensure that you make a little bit of a difference, every day.

Recycling is one of those green habits that just becomes automatic after a while. Yes, it’s annoying having all of those plastics, papers etc building up, but losing our precious trees and burning up oil is a much bigger inconvenience in the long run. Take this small step to cut back on landfill and you already reduce the impact your household has on the earth.

Try to welcome wildlife into your outdoor space instead of seeing it as a pest. Any outdoor area in your home can act as a santuary not only for you, but for an array of small animals too. Keeping your garden green also means that you contribute to creating oxygen, help the bees and you can even plant your own food. Your garden can also be a source of free compost if you store food scraps out there.


Don’t waste energy. Use timers, turn off lights and computers when not in use and ensure that as few devices as possible are guzzling energy when not being used. Drop the car when you can and hit the bike, or carpool and reduce the amount of cars on the road. Don’t waste money either, second hand clothing, furniture and a host of other items help to cut back on production, waste and expenditure. Repair things before throwing them out and save yourself a tidy sum too.

Notice that all of these green habits are not just earth friendly, they are good for your health and your household budget too. There are so many reasons to get green so take your first step and see just how easy it actually is!

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