A natural cure for cancer – hidden in plain sight?

A natural cure for cancer – hidden in plain sight?

Cancer is a huge issue worldwide. It impacts the lives of people at any age, at any stage in their life. It has now been noted that a pretty strong cure lies not in the labs of the everyday pharma companies, but in the Australian rainforest.

Scientists have become interested in a seed from a rainforest plant as a potential cure for cancer. Tests on the seeds of the tree in question, the Blushwood tree, have produced some interesting results. The seed has quite an impact on tumors, creating a reaction that cuts off blood supply to them. It seems to hit the cancer cells quite hard initially, ensuring they cannot thrive. After a while, it depletes them entirely. This finding has resulted in an experimental drug, EBC-46, based on the seed, which has already been tested on pets, and with good success. Having injected the drug derived from this seed into melanoma cells, scientists found that it began to break down tumors and work at quite a rapid rate. Incredibly, results were noted within a half a day.

If this seed can give us the cure we have been seeking for generations, that will be one thing, but if it can keep the cancer away from people who have suffered from it, that will truly be another. Results of testing so far show a very low relapse rate for the first year after treatment, so if someone has fought off cancer with this potent little berry, the long term prognosis could also be a good one.

The results of reasearch on this berry could be very significant for everyone and potentially good news for cancer sufferers throughout the world. Nature could have the solution to one of our biggest problems, and it has possibly been hiding in plain sight all along.

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