An all purpose cleaner that does good in many ways

An all purpose cleaner that does good in many ways

It would be nice to keep the house in good shape with an all purpose cleaner that can pretty much handle anything. The problems with the current cleaners we use are the raft of chemicals they contain and the fact that you need to keep an army of bottles on hand to cover all the jobs.

You can have replace that horrendous collection of cleaning substances with an all purpose cleaner that takes away the worry of the chemicals and toxins, and it’s easier than you think. Imagine opening up that cupboard under the sink and grabbing a single bottle instead of filling your arms with a bunch of different items before struggling up the stairs with them?

The best thing about a natural all purpose cleaner is that it will save you quite some money too. The ingredients are all harmless, truly organic substances that you will be happy to have on the surfaces of your home. The time has come to say goodbye to chemicals in our houses, so try to make an all purpose cleaner for yourself. You will be amazed at how easy it is to do. All you need to get your hands on are some of the items below. Either used alone for their various purpose or mixed together in a spray bottle, they will have just the effect you were seeking.

Baking Soda is a must for cleaning, scouring and freshening things up.
Lemon is a great disinfectant, with a wonderful, natural smell. Why do you think so many chemical cleaners promote a lemon fresh finish?
White vinegar, this tackles stains, smells, mildew and grease.

Easy to get your hands on, natural and cheap. Simply mix up a part of each in a bottle and you have a magical multi purpose cleaner on hand for any job around the house. Not only that, you have a healthier home and more money in your pocket. Do you need any other reason to make your own? Probably not.

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