Animal sanctuaries that do more harm than good

Animal sanctuaries that do more harm than good

Animal sanctuaries have sprung up throughout the world in response to the plight that so many of our wild animals find themselves in. It’s a wonderful thing to help nature along in this way – only if done properly however. In fact, in the wrong hands, animal sanctuaries are disastrous.

It’s hard to imagine that animal sanctuaries could be places of animal abuse, but it’s true. There is no denying that genuine sanctuaries, run professionally and in the interests of the animals it serves are vital. Sometimes however, it all goes wrong and the endangered lion is one example of this. Rescuing the lion and helping it to survive has become an urgent requirement. Due to lack of habitat, hunting and climate change, this majestic animal is under threat.

Animal santuaries have been created to help with this situation and they are having a good effect, assisting lost or wounded lions until they can get back into the wild. When profit and other interests come into play however, animal sanctuaries, run by the wrong people. become anything but helpful. Under the guise of a sanctuary, lions are being trapped in cages, pushed into forced breeding programmes and even shot as part of serving the market for lion products and hunting. Although it seems a pathetic thing to do, people pay thousands to “hunt” a lion that is actually trapped and unable to escape. The so called animal sanctuaries that are part of this industry are adding to the problem.

Forced breeding creates animals that cannot survive in the wild. Nature already has the selection process in play to prevent this but when you create animals artificially, you destroy this. The gene pool amongst these captive lions is so degraded that is they were to escape and mate with lions in the wild the offspring could not ensure the survival of the species.

All in all animal sanctuaries that are not run properly are a total disaster. The authorities and concerned groups are trying to fight this trend. Let’s hope they succeed and the sanctuary can be the place it was supposed to be.


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