Are we doomed anyway due to a lack of resources?

Are we doomed anyway due to a lack of resources?

When we take a look at our world today, it’s hard not to think that we may be doomed. Resources are running out fast, and from what we know of ourselves, we have never been particularly good at sharing.

Is it really possible for us to continue on this earth, even if we do take steps to help it recover from the damage we have done? We produce more and more people every single year and the fact is that there are only so many resources to go around. A look at conditions in some of the developing countries and the impact that other entities have had on them shows us that we don’t share very well. In fact, we are quite a greedy bunch. So is there any hope for us then, or should we just throw in the towel?

It is possible to get by on what we have if we make everything cyclical. That old mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle is really the key to our survival here. Business and commerce has to disconnect growth and profit from environmental and human rights neglect and find a new way of working.

What needs to happen according to the experts is for the supply chain to go full circle. Inputs go into business and production, products and profits come out and then what’s left goes back into the mix and it all starts again. This needs to extend to all inputs and sources of energy. Some actions are already in place, with companies focussed on resource efficiency, taking products back and changing the flow of their logistics.

Standardization of things like packaging and finding eco friendly options that work for everyone will be part of this operation. It is possible, as long as the will is there. As consumers, our role is to get that will going, by buying only what we know to be truly sustainable. Then we can all look forward to a future together.

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