Can eco-friendly homes become mainstream?

Can eco-friendly homes become mainstream?

Ec0-friendly homes seem to be quite an elusive thing, something that only people living in places far outside of the cities can enjoy. This need not necessarily be the case however.

When it comes to eco-friendly homes, there are quite a few options out there already, and some that even work in countries that don’t get tons of sunlight to power them. Modular off-the-shelf units are available these days so putting your dream eco friendly home together could be easier than you think. Already, you can buy timber frames that come with thick insulation in Europe, and in Germany, the piecemeal eco home has truly taken hold. It’s actually becoming a strong part of the housing sector there.

The great thing about eco-friendly homes is that by their nature, they just don’t cost the crazy amount that other houses do. Because they are designed from lighter materials and made in many cases to function off the power grid, they save a fortune in not only building materials but in monthly utility bills. You can actually save up to a quarter of your yearly living costs with one of these houses and with energy prices set to continue rising, it will probably be more in the future.

The reason this is all going so well in Germany is due to the support of the regulators there. In many other countries, the way the housing market is set up makes an eco-friendly home less mainstream and pretty much unattainable. Such homes are still only a niche, whereas they should be accessible for everyone.

The great thing about eco-friendly homes is that they put you back in control. No longer are you hamstrung by rising energy prices, you have the choice to use natural sources like the sun to completely power your home. One thing is for sure, this way of living is set to take off in the future, so do it now if you can.


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