Casting doubt on global warming – what’s the point?

Casting doubt on global warming – what’s the point?

Pretty much 100% of all scientists worldwide agree that global warming is real. Having analysed data and watched trends for generations they have come to the conclusion that C02 is the culprit and we are the ones who are producing too much of it.

Whilst the scientists and most of the people on the street will agree that global warming is an issue we are living with now, others with vested interests continue to insist that it’s a fallacy. A creation in the minds of people with their own agenda and a story that has travelled well and picked up momentum. Energy companies, manufacturers and other parties insist global warming is not real, but they don’t really have the grounds or the expertise to prove this so the resort to the only trick they have left – to cast doubt.

When it began to emerge back in the fifties that cigarettes could be a cause of cancer, the tobacco companies denied it fervently. As the scientific evidence against their argument grew, they couldn’t quite flat out deny the facts anymore. What they then resorted to was casting doubt on the scientists. When you can disprove something, the best tactic is to make it difficult to believe what has already been proven. Today we know for a fact that cigarettes kill us and more than one generation of people have suffered and died from smoking related conditions such as lung cancer. We now know that it was the greed of a few that encouraged people to continue doing something that was a danger to them, but profitable for others. Casting doubt worked and those people paid with their lives.

The same will happen with global warming. All we need to do is look out of our window and see the increase in storms, watch the TV and see the environmental disasters that are unfolding to know that there can be no doubt. Plus we have scientists all over the world telling us so. We need to join together as a people who wish to protect our planet, and cast our own doubt – on the agenda of those who try to tell us this is not happening. Only then will we have a chance to save ourselves from global warming, and funnily enough the people who are promoting global warming in the first place.

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