Cleaning up pollution – it’s more fun that you think

Cleaning up pollution – it’s more fun that you think

Cleaning up pollution can seem like a mammoth task, yet if we divide the job up between many people, it becomes quite feasible.

Why wait for your local authority to clean up beaches, lakes or parks? You can get started yourself and recruit a little help along the way. Not only are you helping to clean up pollution, you create an opportunity for people to come together in a fun, productive way.

These simple steps from Ecomall are appropriate for rivers, lakes, streams, or beaches and will help you organise a cleanup in your community.

Choose a good day. Some cleanups occur during national days, others occur in Spring or during periods of low tide. Choose a day, probably on a weekend or holiday, when you can get maximum participation.

Get some help. Organise a steering committee or task force to help you plan the event, recruit volunteers, get permits and supplies, and oversee the actual event.

Select your site. Consider how accessible and safe the site is for volunteers. Make sure you can maximise your impact too, by cleaning up an area that will really benefit from it.

Recruit volunteers. Approach local civic organizations, boating clubs, environmental organisations, and youth groups. You will be surprised at how many people might be interested.

Divide the site into “zones” and assign a “captain” for each zone. Each captain will oversee volunteer efforts in that zone and make sure it gets thoroughly cleaned up.

Publicise the event through leaflets, online, or through friends or groups.

Figure out what to do with the rubbish you collect. Can it go to a recycling station? Can you sell any metal that is found? Make this a part of the event too, or you could end up transporting a lot of the gathered rubbish yourself.

It’s helpful to the environment, fun and brings people together to think about cleaning up pollution. So bring out your organisational flair and get started!

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