Cosmetic surgery and the environment

Cosmetic surgery and the environment

Cosmetic surgery used to be something that we associate with the rich and famous. Far from the bounds of possiblity for your average Joe Soap, this was something that only people with a lot of money did.

As with air travel and world cruises, cosmetic surgery is no longer the domain of folks with endless supplies of money. Along with becoming more accessible to the average person, cosmetic surgery has come down in cost and surged in popularity. Good news for anyone wanting a bit of work done, but bad news for the environment. With increased use comes pollution and the ingredients that make up the cosmetic surgery industry are not good for the planet.

Now many people can get procedures done, the amount of output in terms of chemicals and products will rise exponentially. So how can surgeries make the whole process greener? The impetus may need to come from the recipients of their services. Chemicals and fillers are not natural things and often, something unnatural is put into a patient’s body. Aside from this, doctors must breathe in any fumes that these substances give off and this can’t be good for them either.

For the general public, there is a run off of waste associated with various procedures also, bad for water and the earth in general.

For the good of everyone involved with cosmetic surgery, more ethical and sustainable ingredients and sources are needed. This is something worth asking about too, consider the benefits of putting something natural into your body, rather than synthetic. This industry has the potential to do the right thing, all it needs is for its customers to insist on it.

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