Cutting water wastage, and your bills

Cutting water wastage, and your bills

Water is becoming an ever more vital resource and wasting it is simply something we cannot afford to do anymore. Not only is water wastage bad for our environment, it costs us money, so it’s well worth our while to conserve a little more. have some handy tips on conserving it in the home, some you will have heard before, but others are new, handy little tips we never would have thought of.

The bathroom use accounts for about 75% of the water used inside the home.


  • Check regularly for any leaks in your toilet and taps, and save litres every day.
  • Install a low-flow showerhead.
  • Replace older, larger-use toilets with the newer higher efficiency toilets and save 2 litres or more per flush.
  • Take short showers and save the baths for special occasions.


​Automated irrigation systems are a household’s biggest guzzler. These sprinkler systems can make up almost half of the water used in your home, so find out how to hydrate your landscape efficiently.

About 8% of in-home use takes place in the kitchen.


  • Don’t rinse dishes before loading dishwasher.
  • Wash only full loads in the dishwasher. An efficient dishwasher usually uses much less water than washing dishes by hand.
  • Install a low-flow tap aerator, which can cut use substantially.
  • When buying a new dishwasher, consider purchasing a water-saving model. New models use up to 25 % less than older ones.
  • When buying a new one, consider a efficient, less wasteful model.
  • Insulate hot water pipes where possible to avoid long delays (and waste) while waiting for the water to “run hot.”
  • When building a new home, keep the distance short between the heater and showers and other places that hot water is used.


It may take a few changes to the way you do things around the house, but taking some simple actions to conserve will help you to know you are helping, and you will watch your household bills fall. Now that’s got to be good.

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