Cycling in the wind – an example of how we need to adapt

Cycling in the wind – an example of how we need to adapt

With the world facing an obesity crisis and the severe impact of global warming upon us, one thing we need to do is get cycling. The problem is that windy weather is on the increase too, so we need to find a way to make it happen, despite the weather.

Cycling is the key to so many of the problems we are facing today. It’s a quick way to help solve the obesity issue and cut down on pollution from cars and other forms of transport. If more of us get cycling we will see the difference within a few years – everywhere. The problem is that cycling is going to get more difficult. As our planet warms up, stormy, blustery weather is on the increase so we won’t be spending all our time blissfully pedalling along. There are ways to make cycling in our new climate easier however, and ensure that you can get out there and do it.

Planning is essential. Check out the weather forecast in advance and try to plan your trips to avoid the windiest part of the day. You can even see if you will be facing a headwind or a tailwind as you make your way to your destination.

Try to ride with others if possible and split the headwind duties between you. Just as the birds take turns in flying, you can also circulate people to give everyone a break at the back of the group.

Select a bike that is light and aerodynamic. You will be surprised at the difference it makes. A pretty basket in front looks nice, but it catches the wind and stops you moving. Consider the handlebars too, do they facilitate a more aerodynamic position on the bike? If you are leaning down a little you will get better cut through against the wind.

Cycling is set to become a vital part of life, and battling through bad weather is too. Don’t let it put you off however, us humans have adapted before and we will do so again. Just as we invented cars, we will find a way to cycle – whatever the weather.

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