Demanding sustainable practices from companies

Demanding sustainable practices from companies

As a paying customer, you have the right to demand that the companies you buy from undertake sustainable practices. By finding out which ones do and which don’t, you can vote with your wallet and support businesses that really are trying to make a difference.

As a lot of businesses that we buy our goods and services from have migrated to the internet, it can be harder to tell if they really engage with sustainable practices, or just do them lip service. What is needed from every company is a detailed outline of it’s carbon footprint, so we know a little more about how they make their money. From where does this company source it’s energy, does it recycle, or use recycled materials, does it provide updates on any sustainable practices it is involved with? A company could offer you the best service and prices, but pollute the area you live in so badly that the end cost to you is higher than you could have imagined.

According to Greenpeace, companies should have guiding principles for environmental care. By building sustainable practices into their planning and strategy, they can ensure that they are part and parcel of any actions they undertake.

Caring for our world is more than just a slogan, or a green coloured label. If you support a company with your money, then aside from giving you what you pay for, it is their responsibility to do so in a way that protects the planet you live on. Offering you the lowest price whilst producing in a way that robs you of clean air, water or other basics is simply giving you a short term gain at a long term cost.

If you want to see which companies genuinely care about you and your families future, take a deeper look at their activities and how they work. If they are truly striving to do things in a greener way, they are worth your hard earned money. If not, they simply don’t deserve your support.

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