Eating green and how to do it

Eating green and how to do it

Eating green means more than tucking into spinach and other veggies. It means considering the environment, producers and nutritional quality when you prepare meals.

Many of us will have grown up hearing the mantra – ‘eat your greens’, but how about eating green?Eating green is not only healthy, it’s a good way to consume for a lot of reasons.

Going organic is part of efforts to get eating green. It’s good not only for your health, but for the good of smaller producers and manufacturers everywhere. Even if you can’t afford to go the full O, you can be selective and cut down on the amount of pesticides to take in by going organic for part of your weekly shop.

Treehugger recommend opting for Fair Trade as much as you can. That way you can be sure that the food you eat is harvested and handled in a way that is better for the environment. Genuine Fair Trade certified foods are also produced by people who get properly paid for the work they do, so you help to reduce exploitation too.

Get seasonal and local foods as much as you can. Not only are foods fresher when in season, they are cheaper too. Buying foods out of season means you are often buying foods that have had to be transported over long distances, meaning more pollution. Even better, you can grow your own foods in a lot of cases.

Cut back on the amount of meat you eat too. Meat production is a huge contributor to global warming and too much meat is bad for your body. Do yourself and the planet a favour and cut down.

Look at how much packaging is on the products you buy. If you can choose a brand that has less packaging, go for that one, or select goods packaged in bio-degradeable materials.

When you are preparing meals, calculate how much your family will eat. Cook enough so you avoid throwing left-overs out after the meal.

With a few modifications to how you shop, plan meals and prepare them, you too can get into a habit of eating green. Who would have thought it could be that easy!

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