Eco friendly camping

Eco friendly camping

If you thought that going camping and avoiding the trappings of a hotel was already eco friendly enough, think again. You can even green your camping trip.

Camping is a wonderful way for us to connect to the beauty of the natural world we live in. If you ever needed inspiration to protect our planet then a few nights out in the middle of it all should be enough to convert (or terrify) even the most hardened materialist. This wonderful holiday activity can have an impact on the environment if not done in the correct way however, so here are some tips to green that camping trip.

You can begin to do so when you are shopping for your camping gear. Buy second hand or borrow from someone else and save money and production pollution in the process. You don’t really need the newest, latest gear, although the brands would have you believe so.

Be careful where you set up too and how you go about camping. Rubbish needs to be removed properly and fires put out properly. Don’t make fires too big either, not only is it dangerous, it pollutes the air.

When it comes to plates, cups and the like, get ready to do some handwashing. All of those disposable options build up in landfills, so bring you plastic or tin items and re-use.

Try not to go too far off the beaten track to avoid disturbing animals and damaging their habitat. Trampling over young or rare vegetation can have an effect too, so plan your journey properly and try to minimise your impact. Keep as close to the trail as possible to ensure you mostly cover ground that has already been walked on.

It’s a wonderful thing to do, even more so if you do it properly. So plan your camping sustainable and enjoy it for years to come.


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