eco friendly child care – there is such a thing

eco friendly child care – there is such a thing

Child care, it’s a burning issue for any working mum and for a mother wishing to include eco friendly solutions in her life, it can be a problem area.

When making choices about child care, a range of factors need to be considered. Proximity to home, how the kids are looked after, food options, education, and of course, price. For anyone wishing to reduce their carbon footprint overall, it can be tricky finding childcare that does not impact on the environment too much. There are eco child care options however, where a real effort is being made to ensure that the business runs with as little an impact as possible.

If you are in search of such a place and want to be sure that a particular child care place is doing more than paying lip service to sustainable solutions, then there are a few things to look out for. You can assess quite well if a creche or after school is eco friendly, just by asking a few key questions.

Do they use biodegradable, nontoxic cleaning products? A child care facility can also make a difference in how it is built. Using low VOC paints and sustainable materials are examples of this. The kind of toys within the facility also make a difference. Plastics and vinyls should be avoided and replaced with sustainable wood and other eco friendly options. This is better for the kids too. Does the place buy local produce and recycle plastics, bottles and so forth?

A good child care facility could also play a role in the community, supporting tree growing drives, or other causes that help to give back to the environment. Last but not least, the people working within it can instill within your child a kindness towards nature. Educating kids on the planet and our role in looking after it will give them what is probably the most important information for their future. So when it comes to eco friendly child care, don’t assume it does what it says on the tin, ask questions and find out for yourself.

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