Eco friendly flowers

Eco friendly flowers

Surely eco friendly flowers are a bit of an obvious thing? After all, flowers by definition are natural and a part of our environment. If you are buying a bunch of them however, there is a right way to do it.

Floral arrangements, whether they be for a wedding day, a big event or even a dinner can make a place look amazing. When you are setting about choosing which blooms to use for your big do, it is a good idea to try and go with eco friendly flowers. Whilst it might seem that flowers simply can’t be bad for the environment, some are actually better than others.

The difference lies in how they are grown, cut and brought to where you need them. There are many instances where lots of harmful pesticides are used in growing flowers. The result is that you get beautiful blooms but at a great cost to the nature where they were grown. It’s good to enquire with your florist about how the flowers are grown, or seek out eco friendly flowers online if you feel you can’t source them locally.

Aside from seeking our flowers that were grown naturally, you can also just take a look around your own garden. Wildflowers like lavender are super easy to grow and make a fantastic centerpiece with a wonderful scent. Perhaps you can save a lot of time and money by being creative with what you have grown yourself.

If you want to go for eco friendly flowers, think too about where they are coming from. If you have some extremely exotic blooms, bear in mind that they may need to be shipped from afar. The fuel and cooling that has to go into that has quite a carbon footprint.


There is no need to go without flowers for any special occasion, just ask questions, opt for an eco friendly version, or use your imagination. That money you save can go into another aspect of your special event – everybody wins!

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