eco friendly home heating

eco friendly home heating

We need to stop putting emissions out there, but we need to heat our homes to, so eco friendly home heating is the answer. But what are the options?

If you have been considering eco friendly home heating there are quite a number of options open to you. You could harness the power of land itself and go geothermal for one. Geothermal systems use earth heat collected in buried coils which send heat to the home using zero fossil fuels.

Solar power is getting cheaper and easier to use all the time. This is a passive method of heating that works efficiently and cheaply, once you have made the initial investment in solar panels.

Electricity is not perfect as it needs fossil fuels to run it, but it’s still a better way to heat the home than using fossil fuels themselves. With electricity, you can tailor your home heating to the rooms you want. Pop a heater on in one room, but leave it off in another, saving on energy and your bills.

Stoves are the old fashioned method of home heating that traditionally burned fossil fuels. With pellet stones however, you get to burn a fuel that emits much less emissions and gives off a lot of heat.


Heat pumps are another option, where heat is taken from outdoors and pumped inside. They keep heat constant and can even filter the air. In addition it’s a handy way to use up some of the excess heat that is building up in our air supply.

We don’t have the silver bullet solution yet, and even if we do it’s not commercial enough. In the mean time when it comes to home heating if we can think outside the box and do things a little differently, we may surprise ourselves with the solutions we create.



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