An eco friendly house – how to create one

An eco friendly house – how to create one

We all know that an eco friendly house is the way forward, but how do you go about making one? Good old wikihow knows the steps you can take.

  • Find an energy calculator online to assess your current energy usage. Some sites can automatically tally up the energy efficiency of your house. Pinpoint the areas where you would like to take action.
  • Insulate. Especially in cold climates, making sure you have good insulation in your walls and for your windows is key to reducing heating costs. To get better insulation right now, check your windows and doors – are there breezy gaps? If so, put up some thick curtains on your windows.
  • Use low wattage bulbs – get eco friendly light whilst saving energy. Consider motion sensor lights too that only turn on when you are in the room. They are a good burgler detterent too.
  • Update your fridge. If it’s over 5 to 10 years old, chances are that it’s burning up the most energy in your home. Think about the size of your fridge too, are you using all that space?
  • Choose toilets with a low flow option – get the flush with less of the water, and cut down on your water bills too!
  • Skylights are an eco friendly option for natural, free light.
  • Install solar panels, which will save up pure, clean energy for when you need it.

If you are living in a house already built, there are some changes you can make from this list already. For those embarking on a new house – the sky’s the limit! The best part is you save lots of money in the long run too, so you can play your part and cut down on the household expenses at the same time. Good news for everyone.




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