Eco friendly packaging

Eco friendly packaging

There is a cost to transporting out things around the place in terms of pollution, but eco friendly packaging can help to reduce the impact.

Aside from the fuel that gets consumed in cars, planes and trucks as we go about posting stuff from one place to another, if you opt for anything other than eco friendly packaging, the boxes and wrappers your posted items arrive in could end up sitting on a landfill for years. As a result, it’s handy to know which items to watch out for if you want to post things with as small an impact as possible. Take Part has some good ideas.

Get your hands on some Scotch eco friendly tape to close and seal things up. This is made up of materials that are over 75% renewable or recycled. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely better than using the usual tape which does not biodegrade at all.

According to Take Part, mushroom stalks are being used to make eco friendly packaging. They are bonded with argicultural crop waste and made into block form. These blocks hold all of your items nicely while in transit.

When it comes to picking out boxes to send things off in, opt for something that has been made from post consumer waste (PCW) material. What this is is recycled rubbish, so you get two uses out of a product when you go with this type of eco friendly packaging.

And if you need to wrap some paper around an item, then opt for Geami paper, which is 100% recyclable. Forget about the bubble and foam wraps, which are disastrous for the environment and opt for paper that can be used again and again.

If we can keep a cycle of the same materials going as we move things around, we can make sure that we choose truly eco friendly packaging and make the cost of getting what we need to our door that little bit lighter.




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