Eco friendly tours that really are all that

Eco friendly tours that really are all that

More and more tourists are going out in search of eco friendly tours. Not the fake ones that pay lip service, but tour operators that actually do take steps to preserve the environment.

If you are in search of some eco friendly tours that are genuine, a few come recommended, both in terms of authenticity and quality. The first is in Brazil, in an area that was previously being overrun by careless farming policies. The ranches here were destroying the wetlands until things were done in a different way. Over thirty private nature refuges have created wildlife corridors in the area of Caiman now, where jaguar and hyacinth macaw research projects are ongoing. You can travel on the rivers, horseback ride or go on one of the many nature walks where you can spot a plethora of wildlife.

Dubai is another interesting recommendation. The Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa has its home in a Desert Conservation Reserve. The Arabian oryx, one of the rarest animals on the planet is under eco-protection here. This place recycles all of its water and offers eco friendly tours where you get to see falcons, and camels and try your hand at archery.

Canada is our next destination, where fab eco friendly tours wil see you rafting alongside icebergs, moose and grizzly bears. Canada actually has one of the largest transborder national parks on the planet.

No eco friendly tour would be complete without taking in the beauty of Kenya. Samburu is an area where wild animals such as zebras are protected and local indigenous people don’t get pushed aside. The tribal communities get to support their communities with tourism and tourists are prevented from trampling in the wrong way all over this wonderful area and the local’s ancestral land.

Eco tourism is possible and if done properly can help us to appreciate our world without destroying it. If you are seeking something new for next summer, these could be the very trips you are looking for.

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