Educated women will actually save the world

Educated women will actually save the world

It sounds like a lofty claim, too good to be true, but the key to our future lies with educated women. By freeing women up to make decisions for themselves, we help to tackle the pressure on our resources.

Educated women form a very important part of society, in fact they are vital. Yes, educated men are important, and very much so, but women’s relative disadvantage in this area is wreaking havoc on our planet. What we need to protect the resources we need is more educated women.

It has been noted that in countries with lower numbers of educated women, fertility rates are much higher. This is not a problem, until we look at the competition for resources in our world and in particular in the countries that have a lower proportion of educated women. Statistics have shown that when women are given access to education, the number of children they have decreases. This puts them more in control of their life in many instances, by giving them the opportunity to raise their kids as they wish and to even contribute to their education and standard of living.

Educated women in poorer countries can and do find a way out of the poverty trap. More schooling gives women more opportunity than they would have had. This is good news for women, particularly in developing countries. It’s not only good for them, it’s also good for all of us. The cycle continues with her children and a more educated population leads to a more developed country. As population levels surge, the amount of resources needed to sustain them grows exponentially and the reality is we just can’t handle it.

By educating women and allowing them to control their own fertility, we make the world a better place for everyone. Happier women means a happier world, not that’s got to be a good thing.

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