Environmental degradation and what it means for us

Environmental degradation and what it means for us

Environmental degradation is something that concerns us all at the moment. It’s basically the depletion and degradation of our home. So what will be the outcome of it?

When it comes to environmental degradation, we are the ones that will both cause it and bear the brunt of it. What we are seeing already is a big impact on people’s health. Respiratory diseases are on the rise and this is a direct consequence of environmental degradation. In the worst cases, people are actually dying from this issue.

Aside from affecting our health, our ability to enjoy life in general is affected too. The destruction of the environment affects other living organisms on the planet and plays havoc with delicate ecosystems. When biodiversity is affected we lose plant and animal species, the very things that make our world a wonderful and interesting place to live in. Cutting down forests, overpopulating land and intensive farming all play a role in making our life on this planet less pleasant.

There is also a massive economic side effect to environmental degradation too. When countries are polluted or even destroyed, they are less pretty to look at. This means tourists will take their holiday money elsewhere. As resources become more difficult to get our hands on, stability will decline also. We are not moving to sustainable energy sources quickly enough, so when the oil runs out we are in trouble. The scramble to power our lives as we have been doing is set to cause problems. When we raze the land as we do, we reduce it’s ability to provide for us too, meaning that feeding everyone will become more difficult.

In short, environmental degradation means that the way we live is not sustainable. We need to stop taking from finite resources and think about how we can give back and share more. It’s up to us to make a change before we pay the ultimate price.

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