Environmentally friendly cars – we need to do our homework

Environmentally friendly cars – we need to do our homework

People who want to drive environmentally friendly cars have one thing in common with those who don’t – a desire for fuel efficiency. Petrol is expensive and oil prices are only going up and up. When it comes to cutting running costs, both greenies and petrol-heads are on the same page it seems.

According to Forbes, car buyers of either persuasion are lucky in that fuel consumption is a key focus for a lot of car manufacturers today. A more fuel-efficient ride also pollutes less. Buying all electric is not always the answer however, as a car’s impact on the eco-system will be influenced by a number of things. Your super electric car could be a guzzler of energy, wiping out the benefits. The amount of water and energy used to produce the car are also important factors to consider.

For the 2014 top list of green cars, electric and hybrid-powered vehicles dominate, with the tiny two-seat Smart ForTwo Electric leading with a very high rating for a passenger car. The only other all-electric model to make the top 12 is the Nissan Leaf, coming in third place.

Rankings are done by the ACEEE (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy) according to a combination of factors such as fuel consumption, and smog-forming airborne pollutants like hydrocarbons or nitrogen oxide and other compounds. The Green Scores also consider emissions estimates for a vehicle’s manufacturing process, the impact of disposal, and the reality of how much energy is required to run it.

Whilst environmentally friendly cars are the way to go, it seems we will all have a lot of homework to do in selecting the right one.

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