Environmentally friendly foods

Environmentally friendly foods

Much of the regular food we eat comes at a cost to our planet, but environmentally friendly foods can provide an alternative.

The problem with much of the mass produced food we eat these days is that they take a massive toll on our world. Agricultural chemicals, hormones, pesticides and fertilizers absorb into the water table, killing fish and polluting our drinking water. Water runoff contains of nutrients from fertilizers which create algae blooms that spread rapidly, sucking the oxygen out of the water and killing other marine life in the process. Livestock are a massive contributor to the build up of harmful gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and ammonia. In addition, almost half of the energy used to produce our food goes into the production of harmful fertilizers.

The way we are doing things right now does not work, but what are the alternatives? For one, you can cut down on transportation by buying local. That saves a lot on energy and emissions. In addition you get tastier, fresher food, and sometimes even at a lower price too.

Cut down on the meat and remove a good chunk of CO2 from the air. Make yourself healthier and live longer in the process. The meat industry is a disaster for the environment, but you can help by cutting back on how much meat you buy.

Avoid farmed fish as much as possible too. These farms are breeding grounds for disease which leaches out into the oceans, killing other marine creatures and producing fish that are too weak to be sustainable.

Try to avoid genetically modified foods, we don’t know fully the impact they are having yet, but we do know that it will not be a good one.

For your health and your planet, make sure environmentally friendly foods are a part of your weekly shopping. It takes a little modification of the shopping list, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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