Environmentally friendly? Just which products are these?

Environmentally friendly? Just which products are these?

Environmentally friendly products are abound in our shops but it’s difficult to tell if anything really lives up to the claims written on the label.

A handy rule of thumb is to know that a product should have little environmental impact throughout its lifetime cycle; from production through to disposal. Generally they will be:

  • Made from natural resources.
  • The complete production chain is controlled from an environmentally friendly perspective.
  • The product can be  recycled.
  • The product is made from sustainable production process with low energy consumption and transport requirements.

In truth, it’s not easy really be able to confirm if these procedures are fully met. Manufacturers can make claims that a product is green, but it may use gallons of water to produce it, or be in packaging that’s non bio-degradable. If you want the real deal, a little research will need to be done. Once you know what to look out for however, you will become pretty skilled at deciphering the truth behind the claims.

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