Everyday Ways to Help the Environment

Everyday Ways to Help the Environment

It is a fact, whether people want to admit it or not, that humans are destroying planet Earth with their carelessness. Blaming it on the ordinary people would be wrong, because big corporations and factories make way more damage to the environment than the people living their day to day life ever could. However, it does not mean that we should not try to do at least something. Even if our small deeds cannot change and undo everything, if we all do what we can, the difference will be noticeable.

Use reusable bags

Plastic is one of the biggest polluters of Earth, cheap to made and versatile, it is used for hundreds of different things, but when it is thrown away, it will take thousand years for most plastic items to decompose. Plastic shopping bags take shorter time to decompose, but they pose other significant dangers to the environment, such as animals choking on them or getting stuck in them and suffocating. A reusable shopping bag is a much better and safer choice. It will also save you some money, because you will not have to buy one-use bags every time.


Almost everything can be recycled, and that’s some really great news for the Earth. It might take a bit of effort – separating the trash by types, finding somewhere to take it to be recycled, paying attention to buying recycled items – but if it means that the nature will be healthier, and, by extension, so will we, it is worth it.

Avoid cars when possible

When you look at the street full of cars, you will notice that for most of them, there is only one person in there. People like to have the ‘control’ and easiness of the transport that they have in their own car, but considering another option, such as the public transport (one bus can replace dozens of cars on the street), biking, or taking a walk, will be much better for the environment, and, a direct example, for the air we breathe. Carpooling is a good option too, and it will also save you some money.

Save electricity and water

People are usually not really aware of how much of the resources they use every day they actually waste. Even the small things, such as leaving the lights on in the rooms that you are not in, having water on while brushing your teeth, leaving TV or PC on when you are not using it – they all seem like nothing, but they are something that will not happen once, they are things people do often and regularly, and with time, they have a noticeable effect. Change some habits, and apart from helping the nature, your wallet will be grateful to you when the bills arrive.

Use reusable water bottles

Just like with plastic bags, reusable water bottles are much better option than the plastic ones. Just Americans buy enough plastic water bottles to circle the earth five times each week, and it all goes to waste after one use. Reusable water bottles, especially if combined with water purifier, can also be a much healthier option for you too, because plastic bottles may not actively be poisoning us or anything, but they are not very healthy either.

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