Food – why quality is always better than quantity

Food – why quality is always better than quantity

With the growth in the worldwide population, it would be safe to say we need more food. When we consistently go for quantity as opposed to quality however, bad things happen.

When it comes to food, the focus has been building crop yield and cutting costs. As a food producer this makes sense, but the methods being used to do so are causing problems. More and more people are becoming concerned that the food we are eating, overburdened with the effects of pesticides, GMO’s and all the rest of it, is no longer good for us.

Monsanto is one of the best known culprits when it comes to unethical food production. Their herbicide, Roundup, revolutionized farming practices, changing forever the food we eat, and the basic components of the food chain that we all rely on. Aside from the issues of cancer and other potential illnesses that pesticides and GMOs have been linked to, they are interfering with nature and increasing the same problems they are supposed to solve. Creating super plants that are bug and weed resistant has spawned the development of super bugs and super weeds. The end result, the weeds and bugs eventually win and in order to keep them away from our food supply, more and more chemicals are needed.

The plants contain residue from all of these chemicals, as do the insects and animals that come into contact with them. In the end, we sit down to meals filled with more and more manmade products and less and less natural content. It seems to be an endless cycle and one that is not sustainable forever. The end result does not look good either. By eating less, living with less choice and choosing better more natural foods, we can send a message to producers. We need to make it clear that we want real food, and we simply won’t buy anything else. Then and only then might the message get through.

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