Global warming and political instability

Global warming and political instability

As the temperatures throughout the globe rise, so will political instability according to the experts. Global warming is not just a threat to nature, it’s a threat to world peace.

Ever gotten a bit tetchy when you are hungry? Well, imagine that on a grander scale, governments the world over, vying for food supplies to fill nations. Such a picture of political instability is not that new, they’ve been at it for many years over oil.

Global warming brings about changes in plant life, and when that plant life is our food supply, things get difficult. Hotter summers are great, but when they start to have an impact on how and when things grow, we have a problem, and a big one. Already, droughts in China and Russia have hit wheat supplies and pushed up prices. It’s been shown that climate change has been causing problems for food production and this phenomenon is set to increase political instability at a time when we need to pull together to sort our world out.

One painful side effect of reduced food supplies will be food inflation. Eating will get pricier, in fact, it already has. In countries where this will lead to increased public spending, this will hit the economy harder. In countries where governments have oppressed people, a shortage of food will drive them to demonstrate. The result is an overall lack of polictical instability, and that in turn has it’s own economic effects.

Within each country, unrest could grow as food security declines, and on a global scale, nations could literally be fighting it out for what is left. A scary picture. What the world needs to do is what is should have done a long time ago – pull together and learn how to share a little more. The sooner we get those skills in place, the better for us all.

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