Global warming – so who’s telling the truth?

Global warming – so who’s telling the truth?

It has been noted in the press, more than once, that global warming is a fabrication. It’s an idea brought to life by scientists and tree huggers who want us to quiver in fear at what could happen. In short, it’s just another fairy story.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if global warming was just that, a big lie created by people who wanted to instill fear amongst people the world over? It wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened, the end of the world has been predicted more than once, so why not throw global warming into the mix? It’s certainly something that will get us talking, and most likely, buying a whole new set of products.

Graphs can be manipulated, data can be skewed, people can be convinced that an event is occurring, especially when they are not scientists themselves. Lacking the training and knowledge to go out and see if global warming is a fallacy, we must simply rely on the people working in this area to tell us what is going on. It’s easy to tell us a lie and people who don’t support the theory of global warming will remind us of this.

Whilst it’s true that unwarranted global panic is a bad thing, it’s important to remember that lies can be told in both directions. Yes, graphs can be manipulated to tell a different story, but that applies to the other side of the argument too. In fact, scientists have noted that data on global warming has been skewed before, in a way that depreciates or even nullifies the problem at hand.

As non experts we have one vital source of information that we can rely on – that is mother nature. The ecological framework we live in works with balance and when we knock that balance out it struggles to function. We don’t need reams of data to figure out if global warming is true or not. We need one equation, too much carbon dioxide messes up the ecological balance we live by. That is a fact, and if that is happening we know something is wrong. Call it global warming, call it whatever you want, we have affected our wonderful planet and that is something we all need to face up to.

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