Green up your cooking and give an example to your kids

Green up your cooking and give an example to your kids

The best way to educate your kids about the need to be environmentally concious is to be so yourself, and that includes cooking. There are ways to make this daily process quicker, easier and less impactful.

Part of playing a bigger role in preventing environmental degradation is to prevent waste. This can be done in a variety of ways, from recycling and re-using things and right down to the daily cooking. A good place to start is to reduce the amount of food you end up throwing in the bin. Try to use every edible part of what you are cooking with. Skin, seeds, cores, they all have some use, just google around and you will find it.

Use your pots and pans wisely too, and keep a lid on it. Don’t let things boil or simmer without a cover on them if you can help it, this wastes energy, as rings and burners need to run for longer to keep the heat up. You can even turn off a ring, grill or oven a few minutes before full cooking time and use whatever heat is left to finish cooking the food.

Watch your portion sizes too, large chunks of food will take longer to cook and burn up your energy bill in the process. You can also speed up cooking by starting with ingredients that are room temperature rather than cold or frozen.

Why not find recipes that don’t take so long to get done, it will save you time, money and stress too. By cutting down your cooking time, you cut down on energy and waste. In fact, by cutting down on cooking time, you free yourself up to do a whole lot of other things too.

Clever cooking is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your household budget, and indeed for you. Next time you are starting dinner, try a new approach.

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