Green walls and roofs – for relaxation and Oxygen

Green walls and roofs – for relaxation and Oxygen

Green walls and roofs are becoming increasingly popular. There’s nothing like a splash of nature against your wall or on your rooftop for a feature that looks and feels totally different.

It’s easier than ever to get a green roof or a green wall, bursting with nature, put into your house. These solutions are usually modular and can often be bought with or without installation services or the vegetation that lives in them. Whether you want someone to come along and create your green wall or green roof from start to finish, or put in the framework and let you decide how it’s finished, the choice is there.

At first sight, it might look like a green roof will add to the work you need to do on your building, but it comes with many benefits, some you might not have considered.

First of all, it reduces energy needed for heating and cooling. It cuts down on storm water run-off and it filters pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater too. You can help the pollinators with a green roof as it fosters the creation of natural habitats, flowers and other vital things. It can make the air you breath cleaner too by filtering out pollutants and carbon dioxide from of the air. A trip up to your roof garden will be one where you actually do get a breath of fresh air. A green roof also insulates buildings for sound and extends the life of any waterproofing too. Those plants need water, so they simply absorb it away.

Green walls work wonders when it comes to the indoors too. They insulate for one, cutting the costs of  heating and cooling by providing shade, and by swapping CO2 for O2.  They also provide great sound insulation and look amazing. A green wall can be fixed or free standing so you can put them where you wish.

If you have been searching for something different that will really add to you home, the green roof and green wall are it – in more ways that one!

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