Green your home with houseplants

Green your home with houseplants

House plants are great in any home. Not only do they add a splash of nature and look great, they help to clean the air you breathe and give off oxygen, which is of course, vital to life.

If you want to spruce up your home a little and add some atmosphere and colour, then houseplants are the ideal way to do it. Working as natural air filters, they will clear the air you breathe too, so aside from looking great, houseplants are good for your health. There is such a broad range out there however, so how on earth does one decide which ones work best?

Regular houseplants are really the best at cleaning the air, but they do take a bit more work to look after than other plant types. You need to water them regularly, but not overwater them, which can be a tricky thing to figure out. Check with your finger if the soil is moist, if not then give them a drink. Don’t leave them sitting in a puddle of water either, as they can easily absorb too much.

Aloe vera is a good choice as a houseplant. This succulent plant needs little work and helps clear traces of chemical-based cleaners, paints and more. Not only that, if you have a cut or need some moisturiser, snap off a leaf and apply.

For the non green-fingered types, you can’t go wrong with a spider plant. These are tough plants that grow easily and look great. A spider plant also removes benzene, formaldehyde, solvents and carbon monoxide from the air, so it does a pretty good important too.

From spiders to snakes. A snake plant is also great for cleaning out the air. This one filters out formaldehyde, which shows up in a range of household and personal cleaning products.

A chrysanthemum’s blooms help filter out benzene, found in glue, paint, plastics and detergent. Give it plenty of sunlight and let it get to work.

Houseplants truly do a wonderful job, and are not, by any means, just a pretty plant. Time you greened your home? Go houseplant shopping.

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