Greening your bathroom

Greening your bathroom

Greening your bathroom is a good way to get your house working in a more eco friendly fashion. Often we focus on areas such as the kitchen, but big improvements can be made in this room too.

When it comes to greening your bathroom, it’s not as difficult as you might think. By making a few smart choices on what you buy and the products you use, you can make it a healthier, more eco friendly place.

First of all, look for recycled. Opt for 100% recycled, unbleached toilet paper and avoid buying toilet rolls that come wrapped in plastic. Opt for the paper wrapped versions.

The products you use can be eco friendly too, so you can go about greening your bathroom by cutting down on the amount of chemicals that get washed out from it. Opt for baking soda or vinegar where you can, it works as a deodorant, shampoo and even a toilet cleaner. Cornstarch can replace those spray cans of dry shampoo. Try to buy in bulk too, using re-fillable bottles will cut down drastically on the amount of plastic you go through in a year.

Drop the ear buds, they and their packaging are not good for the environment. They are not particularly good for your ears either.

Coconut oil works wonders too, and it can replace an entire arsenal of those products you have in the bathroom. It moisturises, deodorises and smells great and you have less messy bottles to clean around too and much more space on your bathroom shelf.

Greening your bathroom has a very beneficial side effect. By cutting down on the amount of chemicals that build up in it, you actually make a safer, more natural environment for your family. Using products that your body can naturally tolerate has to be better than all of the bleaches and other concoctions we use. Next time you step into your bathroom, take a look around and consider how to get greening.

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