Green your cooking habits

Green your cooking habits

By now you know that shopping locally and buying as organic as possible is good for the environment, but did you know that you could green your cooking habits too?

It is possible to green your cooking habits by making a few small changes to the way you prepare meals. It’s not too difficult either, just re-think things a little and you will find yourself with a whole new eco friendly way of cooking.

The first thing to do is to prevent waste, not just of food, but of heat and cooking energy. Cover your pans while things are cooking. Not only will this cooking habit speed up the process of cooking, it will cut your energy bills by over half.

When you are out getting the goodies to cook, bring your produce home in your own bags. Shun the shop bags and have your own at the ready and your meal has already made less of an impact. Buy in bulk as much as you can too, it saves waste, time and money.

Consider the weather when you are cooking. Is it possible to bring it outdoors in the warm weather and reduce the need to cool your house, or should you keep it indoors and warm the place up a bit?

If you can cook in batches, rather than just for one meal at a time you can save energy and give yourself a day off now and again! Consider leftovers too, they are great time savers and you can cut back on waste. When you are cooking, remember it takes longer to cook larger pieces, so cut things small and they will get done quicker.

It all sounds like really simple stuff and it is. Greening your cooking habits is easy to do and makes your life a lot less busy too. Do you really need any other reason not to try?

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