Grieving for our climate and the world we once had

Grieving for our climate and the world we once had

It sounds a little far fetched, but the experts are backing up a theory that grieving as a result of climate change will begin to have an affect on people in the future. In fact, it already has begun to do so.

Could people really end up grieving for their planet? One would think that that’s an issue that is a little bit too far beyond the scope of our daily lives to cause grieving, and yet, some people are actually going through this.

The American Psychological Association has already forecast that climate change should have a profound impact on human mental health and for a few reasons that we are already seeing. Grieving becomes part and parcel of climate change for us when we see the things that it can do. Hurricanes and floods ruin lives in the direct area that they hit and for onlookers, there is a depressing sense of helplessness and concern as to whether their area will be hit next.

When you look at the scale of the problem, it can be daunting. Billions of people, living in a way that is incompatible with life on this planet. Turning them all around seems to be impossible, governments can’t do it, and many don’t seem to have the will or the ability to change things. For a single individual looking at all of this, grieving for what we had and what we are set to lose, could become a reality. Those with a preponderence towards depression can find their quality of life even more so affected.

The concept of grieving here is a complicated one, a mix of those who truly suffer loss as part of climate change and those who feel the loss of a way of life we once knew. As the climate changes and we can live less and less as we used to, the process of grieving could affect many people throughout the globe. It’s a daunting prospect, but a sad reality.

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