Hospitals need to do more than just make us better

Hospitals need to do more than just make us better

Getting sick can mean a trip to the hospital and it’s great that we have them to get us back on our feet again. Aside from curing us however, hospitals also have a role to play in protecting our planet.

When you think of the hospital, you probably don’t think about their environmental impact. This is a place that makes us better when we are sick, but it can also be quite a source of pollution too. One thing that is found in large doses in any hospital is chemicals and they use quite a lot of them. For everything from cleaning the hospital to treating people, a lot of sythetic chemicals get used up and waste arising from these leaves the building in many forms.

We already know that chemicals can mess with our bodies in many ways, including mimicking hormones and interfering with the development of children and babies. Waste chemicals end up everywhere, including in our water supply and this does not do us any good.

It’s in the hospital’s interest to try and cut down on hazardous chemicals too, they can actually save money on disposal costs and of course help prevent people getting cancers and other diseases that put them there in the first place. If hospital personnel can suffer less exposure to these chemicals it’s better for them too. Some chemicals are more hazardous than others, so what hospitals need to do is start with the worst ones, eliminate them and move to green substances as much as possible. This is not an easy task either, most hospitals are under pressure for resources and time so putting the effort into green programmes is tricky to do.

In the long run however, greener hospitals mean healthier people and this means less people going to hospital in the first place, which also makes life easier for the people running them. That in itself is a good enough reason to start thinking about it.

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