Household gadgets that don’t cost the earth – literally

Household gadgets that don’t cost the earth – literally

Household gadgets are part and parcel of everyday life, but many of them are made of materials that are not kind to the environment. Here are a few that do their best in more ways than one.

In order to get things done at home, you need a supply of gadgets. Whilst having them on hand may be unavoidable, you can ensure that you get eco friendly ones into your house as much as possible. Here are some great ideas for household gadgets that don’t cost the earth, or clutter up your house too much.

The kitchen is probably the place where you store and use most of your household gadgets. The advantage with using eco friendly gadgets is that you use items that are healthier for your family in terms of what touches their food. There is a range of cookware out there that ensures safe and efficient food preparation, without all the harmful teflon, BPAs and all the other bad stuff that comes from plastic goods. You can buy food dryers, pressure cookers and canning kits that allow you to even process your own home grown food. No needs to buy herbs in the shop, just grow and dry your own, in the most eco friendly way you can.

Energy-efficient cooking solutions make life easier and cut back on your bills too. Bamboo cutting boards, washable food storage bags, home drying and canning kits and food dehydrators are all examples of handy gadgets that put you more in control of your family’s food supply. The selection will surprise you once you start to investigate.

There is another way and everything you need is not necessarily in your local supermarket. Take a look at the options online. The addition of a few more gadgets could mean the removal of a whole chunk of your shopping bill.

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