How is the future for our children?

How is the future for our children?

Climate change is a threat to us all, and most of all to our children, who will bear the brunt of its effects.

Air pollution, drought, storms and more, the list of events that will become part of life for the children of tomorrow’s world is a grisly one. The trouble with events like climate change is that the ones who suffer most from it are the most vulnerable, namely children, and in particular children from disadvantaged backgrounds. It has been noted that children suffer around 90% of the disease burden that climate change has created, a shocking figure indeed.

It’s now looking like the global temperature rise will go well above the target of 2°C as we mercilessly continue to release carbon dioxide into the air. In less than 20 years time, our children will begin to see what this means, yet they have had little chance to raise their voice on the issue.

Agriculture will be one of the first areas to be hit, as crops simply do not grow as well in changed climates, no matter how many chemicals we throw on them. Food security issues will spread, and sadly by 2050 another 25 million children are predicted to be malnourished.

Environmental refugees will become a part of life and forced migration, akin to what we see in war zones, will happen because of the effects of global warming. Areas of the world will just become unliveable. Weather extremes are already on the rise and children, not yet strong enough to handle droughts, floods, storms and heat waves, will be the first to suffer.

Aside from the large events, daily life will be affected too with rates of asthma and allergies on the increase. As climates change, so do microbes and we could see new illnesses emerge that we cannot treat. It’s hard to imagine that this could be in store for our kids. The people we cherish the most will suffer the greatest, truly unthinkable – yet true.

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