How to be a little more green around the home

How to be a little more green around the home

Going green need not cost the earth, or a lot of your time. In fact, not going green will cost you both in the long run.

Making some alterations to how the house runs will cut down greatly on how much you consume and how much you add to issues like pollution or global warming. A few alterations to how you go about your daily routine will create a difference, and you will feel better and save money too.

It’s not difficult either, just make a few substitutions here and there. For example, forget paper towels and napkins. You know yourself how many of these you can get through in a week, so imagine households all over the world consuming them? Just take yourself out of that particular equation and go cloth. Cloth napkins and wipes are more durable, last a lot longer and will save cash too. You throw out less rubbish and less items need to be transported to supermarkets. It sounds like a small thing, but really it’s not.

Make your own food. It can be just as fast to whip up a quick veggie pasta as it is to order in pizza, or run out and buy a convenience meal. Save on packaging, transport and save your figure too, by cooking from scratch as much as you can. A pressure cooker is a great item to have too as it saves you a lot of electricity. Not only that, it gets your food done quicker. Instead of getting take out, get hold of a book of pressure cooker recipes, you will open up a whole new world!

When you are cooking, opt for less meat. Even cutting it out once or twice a week is a good move. Meat production is very hard on the environment, and too much meat is not healthy either. Do what’s best for everyone and go veggie a little more often. You can take it a step further and grow your own vegetables, saving further on transport and packaging.

Whilst you are getting rid of disposable napkins, do the same with bowls and plates. These plastic and paper items are terrible for the environment and cost a fortune too.

Minor tweaks to how you live, with a major impact. Who would have imagined it would be so simple!

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