How to make an eco friendly swimming pool

How to make an eco friendly swimming pool

Whether you pay to go to your local swimming pool, or are considering making one of your own, the amount of chemicals and waste water involved with them can be a cause or concern.

A swimming pool uses a lot of water, both the fill the pool and keep it clean and safe to swim in. The problem with the average swimming pool however is that there is a huge amount of energy, waste and chemical pollution involved in running it. There are more eco friendly options however, so if you are embarking on creating a pool, it’s a good idea to check out these options before you get started.

Usually, a steel frame is required to ensure that the sides stay straight and upright, but if you can go for sloped sides you actually don’t need that. The cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to create a swimming pool is to just dig a hole. If you incorporate a one foot vertical drop for every 3 horizontal feet you can create a deep pool without the worry of the sides falling in. Saving on steel will conserve lot of money too.

Concrete not only causes massive pollution, it’s expensive. If you opt for gravel stone or clay instead of concrete or fiberglass, you can make the whole construction more natural and sustainable. Swimming pool filtering systems can be a bit of a nightmare to run, so use aquatic plants instead and you can add oxygen, and support beneficial bacteria that will do the job of cleaning in a much more sustainable way.

Draining the pool regularly is another issue, but with a natural swimming pool, you dont need to do so each year. Because they are so low tech and don’t have the harmful chemicals or complicated systems, all they need is a top up every year to stay in shape. 

If you opt for a natural pool, you get a low maintenance, natural swimming pool that you only need to fill once. You can save yourself time, money and energy by doing so and know that you are doing better for yourself and your natural environment too. What a nice way to go for a dip!

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