How to minimise the damage done by the Christmas tree

How to minimise the damage done by the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is something many of us just cannot live without. The smell of the pine, the joy of selecting the perfect shape and height for your home and the fun of decorating it. This year, why not hold onto those traditions, but live them in a more eco friendly way?

If there is one thing we need on our planet these days, its trees, so the tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree has become a little outdated. That does not mean we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater however, we just need to be a little clever about how we do things. It is possible to have a fantastic tree adorned with all the colour and lights you like, you just need to source it in a different way.

One handy option for an eco friendly Christmas tree that actually makes your life a lot easier is to rent one. Companies will now deliver your tree to your home, take it away in January and re-plant it in the meantime, ready for next year. If it’s tradition you are after, having that same tree each year would be a wonderful one. Even better, you re-use the same tree every year, cutting out waste entirely.

You can also consider a second hand tree. There is no reason why these items can’t enjoy life in more than one home and you will save an incredible amount of money by going second hand. Take a look on places such as ebay, the perfect tree could be waiting there, at a snip of the price.

You can also grow your own, and have a potted plant with a difference too. Imagine the fun of tending to your own Christmas tree and watching it grow every year. You can even mould this tree to your wishes, trimming and growing as desired.

There is no need to trawl the tree stores in the cold anymore, just get online, or pop out into your garden to find the perfect one. Now that’s a Christmas give in itself!


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