How to naturally remove wasps

How to naturally remove wasps

It’s the time of the year when wasps begin to realise their number is up before long and they are not happy about it. These insects are pretty hard to handle too when at their most aggressive.

If you are someone who is concerned about conservation, but also about the threat of being stung, there are some natural ways to defend yourself from wasps. The first step is to avoid attracting them to you. Sugary foods and meat products bring them in their droves. You could even be the source of attraction if you have a lot of perfume on or have brightly coloured clothing. They will actually think you are a flower.

Another clever trick is to create a fake nest. Wasps don’t like to live near other colonies and if they think there is one around they will usually pack up and leave. It’s easy to make a fake nest too (or you can buy them online). Crumple up a paper bage and hang it up near the wasps nest. They will take note. You can also encourage wasps to leave by giving them the impression that one of their enemies is around. A sandwich bag filled with water and a 5 cent coin creates something that wasps just don’t like to look at. No-one is quite sure why, but it seems to scare them off.

Pesticides will kill off wasps but they will do the same for your plants too. There is actually no need to even try these dangerous chemicals. All you need to do to clear a nest if you really can’t have it around is to spray with a mixture of washing up liquid and water. A proportion of the wasps will die and survivors should fly off to make a home elsewhere. Insect sprays are a disaster for the environment in so many ways, so avoid them altogether. Tricking the wasps or giving them a good soaping will be just as effective, without the side effects.

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