It’s easier than we think to move to renewables

It’s easier than we think to move to renewables

The prospect of moving to renewables seems quite far away when we look at how entrenched the world is in using fossil fuels. A future away from these harmful substances is not as impossible as it might seem however.

It turns out that the renewables technology we have is already good enough to get us going. According to Treehugger, a recent study by MIT said that current solar technology has the potential to get us where we need to be in terms of taking our energy from the sun. A study at Stanford shows that the whole world could actually be powered by renewables by 2050, and it even goes as far as outlining the energy mix for each country.

With a mix of wind, solar and hydro power, all of the world’s 139 countries could get enough energy for electricity, transport, heating and cooling, industry and agriculture. Places like Iceland, rich in geothermal energy can even benefit from a head start in this regard.

The study looked at the different renewable energy sources and what parts of the countries could be served by each, and at what cost, to come up with the best mix for each area. What the anti-renewables people would generally say in response to this is that this type of energy is impractical as it’s too expensive. The cost of renewables however, is falling all the time as it becomes more mainstream. In the US, gas is already more expensive than wind power, almost twice as much in fact. When we look at the savings in terms of health care costs from using less fossil fuels, all the indicators are pointing in the direction of renewables.

Not only is is possible to power everything with renewables, it’s possible to get all infrastructure to run on it in that short time. When it comes to energy, it’s a no brainer, we need to move to renewables and we need to do it now. In fact, we should have done so a long time ago.


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