Lancaster, California goes solar

Lancaster, California goes solar

Whilst the US has been slower than most to admit to, never mind tackle climate change, Lancaster is a city in California that has stopped waiting for policy makers to do what they should.

Obama has had a tough job pushing anything that protects the environment through congress and cities like Lancaster have borne the brunt of global warming more than others. The US is a huge contributor to the problem and also one of the biggest sufferers. In the Californian city of Lancaster they have decided to take matters into their own hands, aiming for a full renewable energy supply. This town, having suffered fires, droughts and other natural disasters due to global warming aims to make enough energy from nature that it actually has power left to spare.

What Lancaster has in abundance is sunshine, hours and hours of it, in fact, lately a bit too much of it. Recent years have seen temperatures rising there to heights never recorded, the upshot of that being a corresponding increase in storm activity, creating the worst storm they had in 1000 years. Massive tracts of land have been set aside, not for development, but for solar panels, and the energy they produce in terms of kilowatts is actually set to be enough to power a large portion of California, never mind Lancaster.

Houses throughout Lancaster have solar panels on their roofs and generous susidies ensure that it remains attractive for them to get away from carbon producing fossil fuels.

What one city shows us is that it’s possible. By taking the energy we have too much of thanks to climate change, we channel it into weaning ourselves off our carbon addiction and finally tackling the problem. It’s not rocket science, the technology is there, what is lacking is the will. So rather than wait for our leaders to take the issue into hand, perhaps more of us should follow the example of Lancaster and say not to global warming, once and for all.

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