Laundry – how to clean up your act

Laundry – how to clean up your act

Laundry – it never ends so making sure it has less of an impact on the environment is a very worthwhile thing to do. You save money, time, and the environment you need to live in.

You can clean up your laundry act and move to a more sustainable way of washing clothes. With a few modifications to how you do this task, you can keep those loads going, but do less damage in the process. The first trick is to keep the washing machine temperature cold or at 30 degrees max. About 90 percent of the energy burned up doing laundry is in heating up the water. You can also save on energy by not using the dryer. If the weather is ok, hang the laundry up to dry. There’s nothing quite like laundry dried outside either.

The average laundry load will use at least 45 gallons of water, so make sure that you make that water consumption worthwhile. Don’t run a wash until you have a full load. In this way, you can cut down on how much time you spend on laundry too, which is a great bonus. 

If the time has come to replace your machine, then consider an energy efficient one when you buy. This will reduce your bills and ensure your laundry burns less energy and water resources in future.

Forget dryer sheets. Not only do they have harsh chemicals, they contribute to landfill enormously. In fact, questions have been raised about their effect on our health, so they are best avoided. Move to more natural or biodegradeable washing liquids or powders too and cut back even further on chemicals and pollution. It’s good to watch out for the bleach content in the laundry products you buy too. Go for no bleach, or as low an amount as possible.
There is no escaping the laundry, but if you make it a little less harsh on the environment, you can enjoy it better in the knowledge that it does a lot less damage than it used to.
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