Making schooldays green days

Making schooldays green days

Schooldays can be green days, and here are a few handy tips to make a trip to school the greenest it can possibly be.

Making the kids schooldays into green days helps to tune them into the idea of  behaving in a way that takes care of the environment and it helps to spread the message to other kids. If there is one thing that kids do it’s learn from each other, so why not get others interested in greening their schooldays by doing so in your own family?

Green days begin at home, so start with the basics in your own house. Get kids to turn off lights, not run water unecessarily, not waste tissue paper, plastic bags and so forth.

School materials and habits can be environmentally friendly too. Re-useable lunchboxes and beakers, picking up rubbish and using both sides of their copybook paper are all things that create green days and get others thinking along the same lines. Try to find clothes made from re-cycled fabric to wear to school. Create an inventory of stationary, writing tools etc that are already lying around the house before going out to stock up.

Getting to school can be greener too, consider carpools, cycling or buses as an alternative to driving your own car all the time.

Talk to the school about what they do to make school days green days. Do they recycle? Are they educating kids about the planet and what it needs? Do they incorporate this into the curriculum in any way?

It’s just a few simple things really that you reduce the impact of school related consumption, but from small actions, larger things can happen. Encourage your kids to take pride in their green school habits. Before you know it, others will start to cotton on and begin doing the same things.

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