Making your bathroom more eco friendly

Making your bathroom more eco friendly

If you can make your bathroom a more eco friendly place you will help save the planet and remove a lot of harmful chemicals from your family life.

Helping the planet by reducing the amount of bathroom products you consume and moving to more natural cleaning products will also save your health. Aside from these benefits, you save money, and quite a lot when you add it up over the years. All in all, it makes sense to opt for an eco bathroom.

The first place to start is with one of the biggest polluters – toilet paper. Try to use 100% recycled and buy paper that is unbleached. By removing the bleaching process you help prevent harmful dioxins being released into the environment and into your home too.

Imagine all of the cans and tubes of deodorant you must have used over the years. These items may seem essential but they also contain harmful heavy metals such as aluminium. Deodorants and the packaging they come in are a disaster for the environment, so move to a more natural product such as coconut oil or baking soda. It’s better for you and the world you live in.

As well as stopping with deodorants and their containers, you can also cut out shampoo bottles. Find a place to buy them in bulk and re-fill the bottles you have. Even better move to baking soda, vinegar or other natural concoctions for washing and hair care.

As for soaps, go the old fashioned way and get a bar of gentle soap. Store it in a nice soap dish and it will last you a long time, keeping your face clean and providing a foam with which shaving can be done.

Toothbrushes should be compostable and made of wood, bamboo, or some other sustainable material.

A clever way to stop your toilet using so much water is to put something bulky in it such as a brick. It will fill quicker and you won’t waste as much with every flush.

When it comes to greening your bathroom, all it takes is to think a little about the routines you have and how you can change them. After a while it will all become second nature and you will wonder why you wasted so much money on all that other stuff before!

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