Mobile masts – what is the truth?

Mobile masts – what is the truth?

Mobile phone masts have been a bone of contention for years now. People living near them swear by the effects they cause, including headaches, allergies and even skin problems. So how dangerous are they?

The thing about radiation from mobile phones and mobile masts is that it’s all still very new stuff. We just don’t know a whole lot about the long term effects yet. There is a substantial body of evidence that they do cause problems such as headaches and dizziness, and cancer clusters are being reported around mobile phone stations.

The word from the industry however is that there is no scientific evidence to back up any assertion that mobile masts cause health problems. Now, whether this means research is inconclusive or is just not being done is another matter, but for now, we don’t have any glaring evidence to say that mobile masts are causing a problem. Because we are not on the phone all of the time, we should have enough time away from the radiation to allow our body to recover. The problem is, with all of the mobile masts buzzing away around us, our bodies don’t really get that time. Realistically, if there is an impact, chances are we never truly escape.

There is a whole bunch of stories about why mobile masts and phones should not cause us any problems and whilst they are reassuring, how can we be sure that they are completely true? We can’t live without our mobile phones anymore, that’s true, but should we consider doing so, at least for some time during the year? Is there an increased chance of cancer from living near a mobile mast? The disturbing truth for every Joe Soap out there at the moment is, we just don’t know.

What is needed is some conclusive study of the topic. When people know what they are getting into, they can decide on how much to expose themselves. If there is any area that mobile operators should be spending money on – this is it.

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